Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have been wanting to get the area around my easy chair cleaned up and set up for wire wrapping for a while now. I enjoy watching TV while wire wrapping.

So today I did it. I cleaned off the bench I use as a side table. The bench is six feet long and fourteen inches wide. It is made of solid wood and four inches thick.

I needed a good lamp for working and reading by. I found a nice one I liked at Home Depot, a "Sunlight Lamp" by Hampton Bay. The particular style I wanted is called by many names, Architect Lamp, Desk Lamp. Articulated, Swing Arm, etc; It will give me great adjustable lighting to work by.

Then I needed a place to grab the tools I use most. I solved that with a coated wire and mesh silverware caddy that is green. I hung my pliers off the outside of the napkin holder side and used the silverware sections for pliers/tools that I couldn't hang, mandrels, marking pens and my jewelry forceps.

It looks really nice now. I am hoping to take advantage of that area tomorrow and get some of my dichroic fused glass cabs wrapped into pendants and earrings!