Thursday, February 21, 2013

30 Day Challenge, A Bit More Info

30 Day Challenge, A Bit More Info

Made my bed again right after I was up and dressed.  Also have the dishes soaking, a load in the washer and one in the dryer.
Small potatoes to many I know.  I have never gotten back into having good housekeeping habits after losing my first home and my recovery.  In hindsight I look back and instead of seeing myself as being "lazy" I realize I was suffering from depression.

really, really need and want to get back in the habit of cleaning regularly.  That is what my personal 30 Day Challenge is about, re-training myself to good habits.  I have chosen to work on one little thing instead of many or one big thing.

Right now I keep the dishes done fairly regularly as I usually have to wash dishes before I can cook or I do them as I'm cooking. (Hey, washing them keeps me occupied in between stirring, flipping or waiting for the next step.) I don't do dishes after dinner, due to my weird schedule I'm busy crawling into bed instead!  Also I keep the counter and stove tops cleaned and I clean out the refrigerator on garbage day, weekly.

As for the tops of cabinets, fridge, sweeping and mopping the floor and other miscellaneous spots......I tend to be a hit or miss person.

The rest of my home is the same.  I seem to clean only as I really need to instead of regularly.  sigh   I know that if I get back to regular cleaning it will be so much easier, faster and I will feel better too!  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday & 30 Day Challenge

Hmmm, WIP Wednesday... 

I've re-vamped the look of my blog.  I'm finishing up a simple repair and will be starting two Bend logos.    One is a custom size and color.  The other will be "original" colors if I have enough of the background glass.  This latter one is a partial donation for an auction at a school.

Also today I have set myself up a 30 day challenge to make my bed every morning unless ill or having a "jammie" day.  Then I will make it at least once that day.

Most days I at least pull the covers up.  Nowadays the covers seem to get horribly messed up and I end up making the bed before I crawl in at night.  I just need to get in the habit of doing it in the morning!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP, Window Repair

Today I will be finishing repairing this round stained glass window.  The first picture is an overall view.  The second is a close up of three of the broken pieces I will be replacing.  Look closely  for the pieces marked with an "X" as these are broken and will be replaced.  And the last picture shows one piece replaced and awaiting being soldered back in and the hole where a new piece of blue glass will be going in.

Where have I been lately?  Recovering from walking pneumonia in the middle of my big "clean, re-arrange and organize the PC room for me" project.