Tuesday, November 3, 2015

WillowWalker Designs Is Now Open For The Holidays!

Finally opened up my Etsy shop, WillowWalker Designs for the holidays!  I am in the process of renewing listings.  I finally got my starfish painted white, but I have yet to actually work on taking new photos.  I can already see where I need new pictures.  I am really hoping I can get some new ones taken tonight for today's renewals.

I have been working really hard on getting things cleaned up in the glass shop.  It has been very slow going, but it is looking very nice.  I ended up having to wash the walls in the main showroom.  I've got the old cabinet out.  The glass jewelry display still needs to be cleaned off and emptied so I can put casters on it and then move it into the main showroom.  I have the books and their racks all cleaned.  Carpets steam cleaned, non-Spectrum glass is all cleaned and re-arranged.  I also broke down quite a bit of it into smaller pieces as sometimes they sell better that way.  I still have all the Spectrum and System 96 glass and bins to clean.

I am getting where I need to go albeit a lot slower than I expected.  But after such a long period of falling behind I suppose it was unavoidable.