Thursday, June 20, 2013

So Many New Possibilities!

I'm not sure how many of you remember this simple pendant I made as a commission piece for a lovely lady to match her earrings.   

After my friend who makes silver jewelry returned the cab to me refusing to set it because of it's irregular surface I had to really think and improvise on this piece as I don't like making "traditional" bezels where they are backed with sheet metal. 

 Why?  Mainly because of the grinding, sanding, polishing and buffing required to finish it.  Without a proper ventilation system I won't set up the Genie for this.  I can do it with a rotary tool, BUT  working on that small of scale takes forever and I don't have the patience for it.  Also I really wasn't all that happy with the few pieces I have previously set.

After a bit I had the brilliant idea to use flattened wire shaped to fit the bezel and solder them to the bezel back. It worked wonderfully.   Simple, easy and so little finish work to get it shaped and shiny.

Since then I have discovered paste solder which I love as it allows me to precisely place and control the amount of solder I want.  

I have finished my first pair of earrings this way and am finishing up a similar necklace.   And another pair of earrings.

As time passes I see more and more ways I can design and create beautiful jewelry.  So many possibilities have opened up for me creation wise!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Three Day Weekend

I took a mandatory, necessary three day weekend.  I "took" Saturday, Sunday and Monday off due to a nasty head cold.  Bottom pictures shows me napping with Noa and Brutus prior to the weekend.  This cold left me exhausted and achy-of course. As  much as I wish I could of slept through the whole thing I can't spend that much time lying down.  Also my whole head ached less sitting up.

So to keep myself awake and upright I made earrings while I hid out in my bedroom.  I enjoyed my time hiding and feel like I had a sort of mini-vacation.   I left the housecleaning, cooking etc; to others along with refusing to worry or stress about anything.  Boy it was nice and rather refreshing too!

On Friday I finished last week's WIP pair of earrings.  (top picture)  I LOVE how oxidizing them dark makes the dichroic glass cabochons come alive, they seem to glow.  Did I mention I've started a similar necklace because of them?

Saturday I started on the Emerald Rose Gemmie Earrings.  I found the second cabochon in my stash cupboard and made the frames up.  Then I realized that cab #1 was no longer in my pants pocket.

So then I started on the Peach Blush Drop Earrings.

Sunday I ended up cleaning my bedroom and locating the missing cab.  I finished both pairs of earrings in between cleaning spurts.

I still have a cluttered bedroom, but the clutter is clean again.  Bed stripped and re-made, laundry washed folded and actually put away.