Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out With Old!

I managed to get these two pendants listed yesterday, Red Drop Dichroic Glass Wire Wrapped Pendant and White Dichroic Glass Wire Wrapped Pendant-"White Dragonscale". They have bee n listed ten dollars off the regular price for my Fall Clearance Sale.

Today I am listing all those pendants in the picture from my last post. Help me do some fall cleaning by taking these off my hands! I need the space in my booth and my studio for the new designs I am working on.

I have come to the realization that I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to come up with lower price point items to sell-and they just aren't doing well. Whether they are to much like pieces others have done or what I just don't know. I do know that when I try to make things to sell based on current styles, trends or to "fit" some kind of category-when I design something for other reasons than what I like I end up stuck with the pieces. So I have decided to be true to myself and make what I like and not worry about the current styles, colors and whatnot.
When I allow myself the freedom to create what I like I get so much more enjoyment in the creation process and I save myself a lot of time, energy and stress!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Clearance Sale!!

above-Modern Bold Collection, Two-Tone Pendants & Earrings

It's that season again-Fall and that means a Fall Clearance Salein my Artfire studio, WillowWalker Designs!!! Fall is already here-about a month early for my area. The temps of cooled, there is a chill in the night air, the leaves are changing color and school starts after Labor Day. For me it is time for a little fall cleaning. Out with the old so I may bring in new. The prices have already been reduced and the sales banners put out. Take advantage of these great prices from now throughout the month of September. This is a great chance to start your holiday shopping!

I will be busy adding many pieces that are new to my studio, but not since late spring/early summer. I've been so busy this summer I never did get a chance to list all the Modern Bold Collection. All the two-tone solid colored pendants and all the matching earrings need to be photographed and listed. That is my goal for this week. Besides all those there are many new classic wire woven bail pendants, classic earrings and etched earrings that also need to be photographed and listed. I will be very busy the next week or two trying to get the listings caught up.
This also means I should start blogging regularly again too.

Other news I just mailed off my first submission for a juried exhibition for a gallery on the coast. Needless to say I have fingers and toes crossed that I make it in. I have long know that I would like to see my pieces for sale in galleries. So say a prayer for me pretty please!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Quickie Blog!

I haven't abandoned my blog. Just am really busy making new pieces, going to shows and working in the yard. Spent the weekend in Washington visiting my Aunt in Aberdeen and then taking the boy to a family reunion in Onalaska to see his great grandfather who just turned 94. We were going to camp there, but as it started pouring we ended up staying at a motel in Chehalis instead. Got back late Sunday afternoon to find out that we are replacing the splintery, weathered wooded handrails on the handicapped ramp & deck/porch of the glass shop. Somebody finally got a splinter so it has to be done right away. It's only been like that for over the last seven years. (It also has metal railings.)

I didn't even get a chance today to download the pictures I took. :(