Friday, January 7, 2011


Just a quick post.

I will be taking a thirty day break from blogging. I came home from my paper route yesterday to find that my dad had passed away in his sleep.

Right now my boss and I are hoping to convince the "big" boss that I can handle my paper routes as well as my father's. My son will have to help me do the route to make it work. I will need this money to pay the bills as my money will be paying the mortgage and the money necessary to buy gasoline for the route.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thoughts for 2011

First things first let me start this off by wishing everyone a wonderful, happy, healthy and profitable New Year!

I also wish to thank all my wonderful friends and fans for their support and advice this past year

Not sure if I shared this lovely necklace I made this past October. It was snatched up before I could list it by a wonderful friend who has also allowed me to name this particular pattern after her. The "Mzz Butterfly". This lovely piece has given me some ideas for a new line of necklaces. I am looking forward to creating a line of necklaces that will be themed around wings....butterfly, bugs, angels and fairies will all be explored for their lovely and fantastical shapes.

My goals for this year are mostly centered around housekeeping/organization in one way or another, to do a bit more and keep it up-nothing major, just to keep improving. In my home, the stained glass shop, the yard and when it comes to budgeting, paperwork and time management. I plan to continue to watch my portion sizes when it come to food and to keep losing weight. As for my jewelry I plan to continue making new, elegant and intricate designs and need to re-write my artist statement to reflect that. I have many ideas for more fused glass goodies to make that would fall under home decor.

I am settling into my new, "real" job. My worries and fears about driving up, down and around the hilliest section of town have been laid to rest. I have come to the conclusion that I am getting paid to go four wheeling in the snow, spot deer and other critters. :) I have found it to be peaceful and fun. Am adjusting to the new sleeping schedule and will tweak it more late this spring. For now bedtime is seven pm. Not always asleep right off the bat, but will continue to work on it.

I guess overall my goals are not set in stone or impossibly high to achive. Basically to just keep improving and re-building good habits and skills. I think it is a very real part of an artist's life to have trouble achieving and maintaining a balance in life as we tend to be easily distracted by our muses!