Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shingles-Get Your Vaccination!

Well I got my aunty taken care of today. Turns out she has an outbreak of shingles. I knew that it was caused by the Chicken Pox virus and that it is a painful rash. The part many are unaware of is the excruciating physical body pain that also accompanies said rash. It is normally on only one side of the body. If it is on your head you get to feel like your head will explode. Similar to a migraine I would guess. If it is on the head you run the risk of it infecting your eye and damaging the cornea! The Doctor also told us of tales of people coming in, bent over double in agony from abdominal pains. They run all these test and can't find a thing. Then about a week later the rash appears.

If you have had Chicken Pox then you are supposed to get this vaccine. I am starting me a savings envelope for this vaccine as it is expensive and as I am uninsured I will have to pay for it in full.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dichroic Glass Pendant-Landscape VI

Wow, what can I say? The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of busyness, traveling and more work. I have accomplished more in the last six or seven weeks than I normally get done in months! ;)

I am back to listing and have listed all my new rings and am working on the pendants for my new Modern Bold Collection. I plan to list this pendant tomorrow morning as a break from the others. This one is my "Landscape VI" pendant. This one was the last and lonely one of a half dozen I made several years ago. I've upcycled it by adding the 22 karat gold decal of a tree and a fancy wire woven bail. I just love it now!

Other News-I have been lucky enough to re-join the Artisan Jewelry Guild on Arfire~The last Saturday Market was slow but overall I did okay.~Had breakfast on Monday morning with my dad and his brother, sister and their spouses. My great Aunt on my dad's side is in the last stages of passing away. Aunty Jeanne will be sorely missed by all.~My Aunty was in a car accident on Monday morning. I picked her up, ran her around and took her home. She has a major seat belt bruise and is very stiff and sore due to the impact. Meanwhile her SUV is in the shop for body work.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time To Shift Gears & Join The "Real" World

I've recently been having a major reality check happening in my life. And what I've seen of myself and my ways has not left me feeling very good about myself. I've let the house and yardwork go the past two, three weeks to concentrate on stuff for my shows and helping my aunty. Also I've come to realize I have been just coasting along in my own little unrealistic world. So I have decided to live my life right for a change. I need to put my business on the back burner of my life. If it I was actually making some money with it...well then it might be another story. So I am going to treat the glass shop and yard work like a "real" job. I will keep the house clean just like any other working woman has to. I am putting myself on a work schedule! After the the "real job" is done and the house hold chores taken care of I will work on my jewelry.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend's Work

To stay busy whiling away the long hours of the show this weekend I wire wrapped all these lovely pieces!

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Sadly it was another long, slow weekend. I feel the past two shows are probably indicative of the current financial climate in my area. I think that the slow sales I expected last summer have shown up for this one. My area's economy has not improved all that much and there still really isn't any work to be had. To top the whole mess off the unemployment benefits are getting close to running out, so who can afford anything extraneous.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Slideshow Of New Images Pendants!

It's seems as if my blogging is starting to become hit or miss with all I've been busy doing getting new product for the summer show season. My muse was a bit slow this spring. Combine that with having a short timeline cut in half I have been very busy playing catch up. I am getting there though and here is the proof-a bit of what I've been getting finished. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Image Pendants

Well...It appears I no longer can choose fonts...

Anyway here are some of my newly finished pendants. I got the images fired onto them last week and this is a quick shot I took of the ones I managed to get wrapped for the show. I love how these turned out!

Last weekend's show was very disappointing. We had excellent advertising yet not a lot of people showed up. And most of those weren't buying. I do hope next weekend is better. To top it off it looks like my biggest sale will be my first debit/credit card rip off. When it was phoned in we were instructed to "retain" the card....Still not bad for five years. And this just had to be the one time I forgot to get a phone number. I did check id and verify the signature. I will know more tomorrow.