Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Image Pendants

Well...It appears I no longer can choose fonts...

Anyway here are some of my newly finished pendants. I got the images fired onto them last week and this is a quick shot I took of the ones I managed to get wrapped for the show. I love how these turned out!

Last weekend's show was very disappointing. We had excellent advertising yet not a lot of people showed up. And most of those weren't buying. I do hope next weekend is better. To top it off it looks like my biggest sale will be my first debit/credit card rip off. When it was phoned in we were instructed to "retain" the card....Still not bad for five years. And this just had to be the one time I forgot to get a phone number. I did check id and verify the signature. I will know more tomorrow.

1 comment:

LB said...

I hate it when that happens!! One lesson learned the hard way. I hope to be in town next weekend! Pretty pieces that you are making! Look at all of that creativity just swirling out of you into these beautiful pieces of jewelry! Much luck to you in the future with internet retail & all!