Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time To Shift Gears & Join The "Real" World

I've recently been having a major reality check happening in my life. And what I've seen of myself and my ways has not left me feeling very good about myself. I've let the house and yardwork go the past two, three weeks to concentrate on stuff for my shows and helping my aunty. Also I've come to realize I have been just coasting along in my own little unrealistic world. So I have decided to live my life right for a change. I need to put my business on the back burner of my life. If it I was actually making some money with it...well then it might be another story. So I am going to treat the glass shop and yard work like a "real" job. I will keep the house clean just like any other working woman has to. I am putting myself on a work schedule! After the the "real job" is done and the house hold chores taken care of I will work on my jewelry.

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