Monday, August 9, 2010

Quickie Blog!

I haven't abandoned my blog. Just am really busy making new pieces, going to shows and working in the yard. Spent the weekend in Washington visiting my Aunt in Aberdeen and then taking the boy to a family reunion in Onalaska to see his great grandfather who just turned 94. We were going to camp there, but as it started pouring we ended up staying at a motel in Chehalis instead. Got back late Sunday afternoon to find out that we are replacing the splintery, weathered wooded handrails on the handicapped ramp & deck/porch of the glass shop. Somebody finally got a splinter so it has to be done right away. It's only been like that for over the last seven years. (It also has metal railings.)

I didn't even get a chance today to download the pictures I took. :(

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