Friday, July 30, 2010

New Goodies, WIP's & A Great Idea!

Here are some pictures of the new cabochons I've been making and these are also WIP's because now the cabs are done and it is time to wrap them!
The first four pictures are of cabs that I created using scrap pieces of dichroic glass, frit (crushed glass) and some cool little molds called "Pods". These are actually cast! This is a fun way to use up scrap dichroic glass.

The last picture is of a bunch of small cabochons for earrings. I've etched designs into each small piece of dichroic glass before fusing. This is where my "great idea" comes in. I have been applying the etching cream to each individual piece and it is a real pain trying to get the cream on the edges of the pieces especially while wearing gloves and holding it! My fingers (and the gloves) keep getting in the way. I thought that if the contact paper stays on the glass well enough to etch, then why not take a piece, pull the backing off and stick all the little pieces of glass to it. Let the contact paper hold the pieces while I hold the paper? It worked like a charm. What was taking forty five minutes or longer I accomplished in about ten minutes! And just about the time the pieces were getting washed off the contact paper was the time I needed to pull them off to get the etching cream off the sides of the piece.

Another note-I am sorry to say that it appears that the "Beads of Courage" program will not be getting any money from Pepsi this time. It has to be voted into the top ten to receive money and it has only made it to thirteen. :( Only one day left for voting.

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Glasstastic Treasures said...

I always love seeing what you've created! Your fused glass is always amazing!!