Thursday, February 21, 2013

30 Day Challenge, A Bit More Info

30 Day Challenge, A Bit More Info

Made my bed again right after I was up and dressed.  Also have the dishes soaking, a load in the washer and one in the dryer.
Small potatoes to many I know.  I have never gotten back into having good housekeeping habits after losing my first home and my recovery.  In hindsight I look back and instead of seeing myself as being "lazy" I realize I was suffering from depression.

really, really need and want to get back in the habit of cleaning regularly.  That is what my personal 30 Day Challenge is about, re-training myself to good habits.  I have chosen to work on one little thing instead of many or one big thing.

Right now I keep the dishes done fairly regularly as I usually have to wash dishes before I can cook or I do them as I'm cooking. (Hey, washing them keeps me occupied in between stirring, flipping or waiting for the next step.) I don't do dishes after dinner, due to my weird schedule I'm busy crawling into bed instead!  Also I keep the counter and stove tops cleaned and I clean out the refrigerator on garbage day, weekly.

As for the tops of cabinets, fridge, sweeping and mopping the floor and other miscellaneous spots......I tend to be a hit or miss person.

The rest of my home is the same.  I seem to clean only as I really need to instead of regularly.  sigh   I know that if I get back to regular cleaning it will be so much easier, faster and I will feel better too!  

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