Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My "Earth Friendly" Kiln

I wanted to share my kiln with you and thought today would be a great time in honor of Earth Day. If kilns received energy ratings I'm sure mine would get an Energy Star! I figure my kiln is about as eco-friendly as an electric kiln is going get.

My kiln is a small model that retails around $750.00. It is electric, runs on a standard 110 wall outlet, and uses less electricity than a dish washer. Yes, you read that correctly, standard 110 wall outlet! It has a thirteen inch shelf and is eight inches deep.

It is a Skutt Hotstart with a digital controller. I just love it. We have ran it 2-3 cycles a day and still seen no noticeable increase on our electric bill.

A picture of the inside of my kiln with a finished batch of cabs.


Lisa said...

What a great photo of your finished pieces!! :)

WillowWalker said...

Thank-you. Dichroic glass can be hard to photo well, but I'm getting there!