Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Jewelry Pieces & A Business Decision

So I fianally had the time and energy to make some new pretties! And I've even managed to get some listed! These are the first pieces I've made ALL year.

The first is the elegant Wire Wrapped White Dichroic Glass Jewelry Set. Three of my handmade dichroic fused glass cabochons all wrapped up into 14k gold filled netted wire bezel settings accented with white crystal beads. I am really impressed with this design style!

I have also made up a bunch of rings and am working on getting them listed. Two down and more to go.

Business Decision-With everything going on in my busy life, running two businesses, one brick & mortar and a job delivering papers equals 11 hour work days during the week. My time and energy is rather limited now . Add in this horrible economy that appears as if it's only going to get worse.

I find I have been asking myself several things lately. What can I do to make my life easier and simpler? To reduce my workload and stress? One thing I thought/realized is "Why should I waste my precious time and energy making things I don't truly love and enjoy creating?" So with this in mind I have decided to create only that which I truly love and enjoy. And I love and enjoy the challenge of designing and making intricated wire wrapped dichroic glass jewelry so this is what I will be focusing on from now on!

Also I have noticed that those who ARE buying are not worried about price. They are buying what they really love. A friend of mine who works for a retail clothing outlet store agrees. She says people are buying that which looks expensive and that they are shying away from that which looks cheap.


eaglehawk said...

You should always create things you like. Creating things that you aren't passionate about is not why you got in the business is it?

Cat said...

Those pieces are beautiful!
And I agree on what Chris said.

Dawn Baca said...

I believe that when you create something that you truly love and have made with utter passion people see that...whether it is with their eyes or their feelings. I love you girl, take care of you <3

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Anonymous said...

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