Saturday, October 15, 2011

About My Supply Store, The Glass Goddess, Part 2

The reasoning behind my supply store,
The Glass Goddess is twofold, well OK threefold.

Reason Two-Stocking gemstone briolettes stems from my frustrations trying to find what I wanted. Seemed like whatever color, size, shape or stone I desired was only available in a full strand. I usually only needed a pair. I couldn't afford more than that nor did I need more...At that time my funds were rather meager. I think part of the problem is that I'm always looking for colors that will stand up against the dichroic glass I want to use them with.

So I have spent the past year and a half purchasing a few strands here and there. I have finally been able to get them broke down into pairs, a few singles and some four and six piece quantities. And now I am getting them photographed and listed!

I am pleased to be able to list gemstone briolettes in small quantities for those who need only a small quantity of stones and may not have the funds for larger quantities. I look forward to more varieties, shapes, sizes and colors!

Did I mention I love gemstones? I also seem to have an eye for the fanciest, highest quality strands! At a bead & Gem show or store I always head straight to the best of the best!

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