Monday, April 30, 2012

Soldering and Fusing

I finally dug out my torch and soldering brick.  I've been wanting to make fused fine silver frames for a while and while I was at it I wanted to experiment a bit with copper and bronze.

The fine silver is for a current WIP.  I was unable to get the frame to fuse so I ended up grabbing the flux and silver solder and soldering the sucker together.  I did get the wire pieces to ball up nicely!  I was using 18g wire.  I am thinking that my little butane torch was unable to keep up with the heat sink on the soldering brick.  I have an idea to try for next time.

I was unable to get the 20g copper ring to fuse together, same problem as the 18g I think.  However I did get the 22g bronze wire ring to fuse together!  And I made some bronze 26g headpins while I was at it also.  Fun, fun fun!

And I discovered I have some gold colored solder I had purchased for soldering gold filled wire.  It was a pleasant surprise.

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