Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome 2014, Another New Year & A New Life

Here are some pictures of the necklace I made to go with the earrings that are on the top.  This lovely set I named "Dawn's Promise"  after a food friend and the fact that the colors of the dichroic glass cabochon reminded me of a morning sunrise's light glowing on our Cascade Mountains.  This set and several pairs of earrings went to a local jewelry store.  The owner has them displayed in her front window even!  And this set was sold a week before Christmas.   What a wonderful boost to my jewelry making ego.

I was convinced to quit my paper routes and did so at the end of the year.  In hindsight I am very grateful that I did quit.  This past year has really worn on me, ground me down.  I have been ill pretty much every six weeks.   And so I have not had nearly enough energy to even keep up with things let alone get ahead.  And ill health doesn't just mess with me physically, it also screws with me financially.  I'm tired-so it's easier to get a pizza or some fast food.   Too icky to work, but not tired enough to sleep means I want distractions-like a book.  Etc;, etc;   

I am so grateful to be free of this awful cycle.  I look forward to a happier and healthier new year.  To finally be able to do so many things that I need to, want to and have been putting off for far to long.  

One of these things will be a thorough housecleaning from top to bottom. Every nook crevice, cranny and storage hole included.  I will sort, give away, toss and so organize this place from top to bottom.

Another one is to eat healthier.  More cooking from scratch and meal planning. I have most of the grocery shopping done.  I do need to get a few more things, but I have already started by cooking a nice, big ham for dinner tonight.  Tomorrow night my other half will be making us ham and cheese omelettes. I've already put another two meals in the freezer, the ham bone for a nummy pot of beans and a nice chunk of ham for a ham steak meal.  I will divide up the rest of the ham slices into packages for future meals like sandwiches, omelettes, frying or what ever else I choose to do with it.

I feel so much better and healthier already.  I have so much more energy.  I believe I forgot what it was like to feel human.  

I'll write more later!  


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