Thursday, October 15, 2015

Getting My Life Back Is Wonderful

Two months I accepted a different position at the grocery store where I work.  The job puts me back onto graveyard shifts, but it is part-time and I actually get days off and is pretty much a set schedule. I changed the hours in the glass shop to reflect this.  I am now closed closed Sunday thru Tuesday and open Wednesday thru Saturday.  I am only open from noon until four Wednesday thru Friday and until two on Saturday.  My days off are for both the shop and my job.  This new job has given me a set schedule to build the rest of life around.

A month ago I got my house back.  Since then it has become such a calm and peaceful place.  I do not miss the chaos and stagnation I was drowning in.  I finally am catching up on things and getting myself and my life back in order.  I cannot believe how much better I am feeling.  I am waking up each morning ready to face a new day.  I have a new direction, hope and energy again.  My creativity is starting to come back.  I have actually been working hard on getting things cleaned up in the shop. I have made a good dent, but I have a lot left.  It is so wonderful and amazing to feel positive about my life again.  

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