Friday, October 16, 2015

New Camera

I finally purchased a new camera.  Here is a picture of my "Bubbles" pendant taken with it.  It is easy to get a good picture with it.  It is easy to get a nice, clean pictures with it.  It has it's own re-chargeable battery so I don't have to mess with taking batteries in and out.  Just plug it in and let it go. I can also plug it into my laptop to download pictures.  That is whenever I get around to learning how.

It's past time to open up my Etsy shop for the holiday season!  I need to edit, update and freshen up my old listings.  Now it is back to the battle of props and crops for good eye-candy pictures.  I've got to get everything out, dusted and cleaned.  Glue the leg back on my little tripod.  Spray paint that starfish white.  

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