Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Week

I haven't blogged for the past week because I have been so busy and I've had company. One of my best friends was here for three days. It was so great to catch up and we had a lot of fun. She is also into making wire wrapped jewelry. If we can squeeze in some time we discuss techniques and ideas.

My ex brought home his little blond bundle of fur last Sunday. She is so cute and everybody adores her except my dog, Brutus. He's starting to warm up to her though. Speaking of new family members we now also have a cat. A handsome orange, male tabby cat. He is very thin. We hope that good food, time and love will fatten him up. He is an older cat-eight to ten years I'm guessing. My son has named him Felix.

This weekend I'm off for a weekend of camping at black powder shoot or rendezvous. I should stay fairly warm as I have a large canvas wall tent and a wood stove to keep it warm! Last I heard is snow on Saturday. It would be nice if it stayed dry though. Won't be my first time camping in the snow.

Worked on my bedroom/living area again today. It is really starting to open my area (back) up. I so look forward to when it is done. It will be a really nice place to be. A large room with one part my bedroom and the other as my sitting room along with a large closet/storage area. I look forward to a place for everything and everything in it's place. I will be able to sit, work and watch T.V. I'll also know where everything is AND be able to get to it. This time I will get it ALL done. Third times' a charm! I have attempted this several times before and had it almost done when events beyond my control nixed all my efforts.

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