Monday, February 9, 2009

Cute Little Blond

My ex fell for a cute little blond this past week. He says that she picked him. She is an adorable little bundle of golden fluff. She is one of a litter of twelve. When one opens the door for them to go outside it is a literal mini flood of golden retriever puppies! The first time he picked her up she cuddled up to him, laid her head on his shoulder and had this look on her face that seemed to say "I got my Daddy". Needless to say she will be coming home to live with him as soon as he pays the pet deposit on his apartment.
On a more solemn note my father-in-law lost his bulldog, Buddy yesterday. So all of us "kids" went over to mom and dad's (my in-laws) and the grandsons dug a grave for him. Not the easiest task when one must go through a layer of icy snow and frozen ground. But with three strong, fifteen year olds it was accomplished. While the "men" were out doing that my sister-in-law washed the dishes and I dried. Later after the guys were done I cooked dinner for all. We all enjoyed a family dinner and had a good visit.
The gold netted, champagne dichroic pendant that I posted about previously has found a new home with my mother-in-law and she put it on a lovely rope chain and was wearing it when we left. What a wonderful compliment, I feel very honored that she loves it so much.
(I divorced my huband but kept my in-laws!)

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