Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sold this pretty set today. I had a chance to get some pointers on what I am doing wrong at shows. I've been talking to others who tell me I should be doing waaay better than I am!

One dichroic artist pulled over a thousand in one day and a beadmaker friend of mine usually makes over five hundred in a day. I made $260 in two and consider myself lucky. Pppfft.

The good news is I have a good display, dress appropriately and have a good spiel.

These wonderful people had only two things to say about what I need to do to improve my sales. 1. Get those tables raised up higher! and 2. Get the rambunctious teenager out of the booth if they can't behave.

I had planned on raising my tables for this summer season and it didn't happen and was pushed to the side. Now that I have been "advised" to do this my dad & ex will make sure it happens.

So that just leaves me to work on them boys, mainly my son. He has absolutely no interest in what I am doing. He will haul the heavy stuff, put tables and canopy up and down and that is it. He is also a bit of a slob..showers daily but tends to wear the same dirty clothes over and over. He has destroyed every pair of pants he owns. They all have ripped up knees and/or permanently stained. And after being told NOT to trash the one nice pair with out holes that he had left, he went and drew/wrote all over them with a blue sharpie!!!!! As he won't take care of his clothes he now has to buy them with his allowance. So guess who's keeping his allowance for back to school? Yes that would be me.


Nancy said...

A typical teenaged boy. My youngest is 22 now. He has actually become pleasant to be around again and loving. So there is hope for you. You could have been describing my son a few years ago!
Nancy ;-)

Nancy said...

Oh, and the jewelry is beautiful!!