Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coastal Trip

Well we had a great time on out trip to the Oregon coast. We stayed in a brand new motel, visited every little gallery and gift store in Depoe Bay, went out on a whale watching tour. It was my first time on the ocean in a boat. I really enjoyed it. We visited Nye beach in Newport and of course the Newport Aquarium.

This picture I took of little jellyfish in the Oddwater exhibit at the aquarium is my favorite. The Oddwater exhibit is one of their changing exhibits. Not only did we get to see all kinds of neat ocean creatures all the tanks had lots of lovely handblown glass decor in them! Sadly I didn't get a chance to take pictures of some of it. Not enough time and too many people!

The beach photos are from our walk on Nye Beach. I loved these wind & water sculpted rocks!

And I loved how the wind had sculpted the sand into miniature "sandstone" formations! The wind removed the dry sand leaving all the pillars of damp sand and then carved them too. Not one of the pillars in the last picture are bigger than a foot.

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Nancy said...

The Oregon Coast just can't be beat! Love it!