Friday, December 18, 2009

AVATAR Is Amazing!

I just returned from seeing the new AVATAR movie. We watched the 3-D version. It cost more, but was really worth it. I can honestly say this is the most amazing movie I have EVER seen. It left me speechless with tear tracks on my cheeks. I found it to be a truly moving and spiritual experience. I grew up reading authors such as Marion Zimmer Bradly, Anne McCaffery and many, many more. My mother was true aficionado of science fiction whereas I tend more to the science fiction-fantasy genre. Even my mother would have loved this movie and she was extremely picky. At the end of the movie I felt connected to my late mother thru her love of sci-fi, mine and my son's. As I write this I hope that many will be profoundly affected by it as I have. It shows how all life (and more) is connected one way or another.

We are all part of this living entity we call Earth. We are all part of it's great web of life whether or not we realize it. As a whole we are still learning how to get along here and I pray that we can learn to live in harmony with the Earth and one another before we destroy it and ourselves.

To me one of the most amazing things about our current technology it has given us the the Internet and sites like Plurk, Twitter and many more. Here on-line we are equal. It destroys the boundaries of race, religion, sex, country etc; Instead we learn more about each other's cultures and beliefs.

Sadly I know that the web is also a place where others can find information to use and abuse, but I like to think that those who are learning for the better good outweigh those who are users and abusers.

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