Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dichro Fever

I realized something the other night...I have come down with a bad case of dichro fever! It is characterized by lack of sleep, anticipation and an intense desire to see the dichroic glass in all its fused glory! Not to mention a manic spell of cutting cabs.

Here are some rough pictures of the fused dichroic glass slabs that I have fused up in the past two days! The first three pictures are of the ones I shared in my last post. The last two are the others I've fused up since. And I have another lovely chunk of rainbow ripple cooking as I type!

When I make dichroic glass cabs I start by fusing up "slabs" of dichroic glass. Next I will mark the slabs for cutting. Then I rough cut them out on my Taurus III ring saw, grind them into shape and channel them on the glass grinder. Then they'll go back into the kiln at least once more.

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