Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time For Some More Dichroic Art Glass Cabochons

Time for more dichroic glass fusing so I can make more dichroic art glass cabochons! The first shelf (upper left pic) is in the kiln fusing as I type. The other two are ready for their turn. I'll take the first one out and put in another before I head out to deliver papers. (1:30am) So hopefully I will have pictures of the fused slabs tomorrow!

In other news I took three trips to the dump on Saturday, disposing of the worn out couch (load 1), The ex's old full size mattress set (load 2) and 4 wooden glass shipping crates with gosh knows what junk inside (load 3). Sunday I cleaned up the front yard and my son mowed it!

Today my son and my ex moved his futon bed frame into his "new" room. Now my son and I just have to get stuff cleaned up and moved between the rooms. He has to clean, sort and move his stuff and I get to clean, sort and move the rest of "dad's" stuff.

I found a nice, clearance priced cover for the loveseat and put up a pair of new valances over the picture window in the living room (on sale of course). Trying to decide if I should get another pair for the little windows flanking the fireplace.

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