Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost There

I've almost got everything done that I needed to do for probate. WOO-HOO!!! All I have left is to finish getting Dad's taxes done. Everything has been turned over to the tax man and I am now waiting on a 1098 from PennyMac. If they sent one it either arrived before dad died and he put it who knows where or it was lost in the mail. I'm actually thinking it may have been an oversight as they are unable to pull that info up in their pc systems and are working on it. Anyway it they should be done by the eleventh.

Today I also received my verification/clearance from the company that processes our credit/debit cards. So I was able to run the past six weeks worth of slips. And with that I was finally able to order some clear rainbow ripple 96 dichroic glass in two colors!!! I have also found some lovely new jewelry boxes that fit my new jewelry color scheme of black and white.

On other fronts I have given away my parent's bedroom set to family members who needed them. As I was cleaning I went through my mother's pictures and other memorabilia stash in her bureau. I found some fun/interesting items-like a love letter from my father to her. They were definitely fooling around before getting married, at least while they were engaged. LOL! My father was quite the romantic young man back then. (1962)

Upon the removal of the bed and bureau I was appalled at how much dust, dirt and crud I found underneath and behind these items. Of course nothing had been really cleaned since my mom died. (2003) As that was my parent's room and I have been taught to respect their privacy and stay out I never thought about going in and giving it a thorough cleaning. And dad never asked me to. He just had me strip, flip and re-make the bed.

After cleaning up that mess my son took his new futon mattress and moved into his new room. Now he has to clean up his old room so I can finish cleaning out his new room-moving some of it into his old room.

I acquired a loveseat yesterday to replace the poor old broken down couch and we got the old couch out and the loveseat in. It is much shabbier than I thought, BUT it is comfortable and still in much better shape than the couch. It was free and will tide me over until I find the "right" loveseat.

As the weather has been improving-well for the most part anyway I have been looking around the place with "fresh" eyes. We are going to be doing a bunch of trash removal out of the yard this weekend. I'm embarrassed at the mess in the yard. I'm not sure when or how it got this bad. I have to get rid of the old couch, the ex's old full size mattress set, old glass packing crates among other miscellaneous stuff.

Well it is time for me to go. I've got to go drop off the matching chest of drawers and one of the nightstands. Now if I could just remember what I did with the other nightstand.....

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Deronda said...

Sounds like you are beginning to find your own "normal" through all the changes...(((hugs)))