Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inventory For Probate Completed!

Today's IOTD is this lovely Adjustable White Opalescent Dichroic Art Glass Wire Wrapped Ring!

I am pleased to announce that I have completed the majority of the work needed for probate. The biggest part was the inventorying of the stained glass shop so I could figure out the value of the business. Of course their was the household value, but it was much simpler! To top it all off I got all the paperwork filed into three different accordion files. One for the Estate, one for Business and one for Personal. Hopefully the paper chase is now under control!

I have a meeting with the probate lawyer later this morning. As for my tax man is NOT going to be happy with me. I was supposed to receive a copy of my pay invoice for my paper route for December 2010 this morning. Instead I received a copy of dad's.....argh! He can't file for an extension with out an estimate of how much I made.

Well I have to run and crawl back into bed for a short nap before my appointment. I wasn't going to, but I seem to be coming down with a cold so I'd better rest.

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