Friday, April 15, 2011

Insurance Money Finally Here!

IOTD, This lovely Pink & Green Dichroic Art Glass Heart Pendant. The bright pink and green remind me of spring!

I finally received the life insurance money. My agent called the company and demanded that they process it immediately AND deliver it using overnight! He hand delivered it to me yesterday evening. Now I can finish paying my father's debts-his Chase credit card! And I can go grocery shopping after all!

Accomplished quite a bit yesterday. Updated some of the supply figures for dad's taxes with the rest of the supply invoices I found since I added everything up and put it on a spreadsheet. Faxes the information my tax guy needed to file our extensions. Faxed W9 form to the credit/debit card processors. I'm trying to get the new account routing number set up so I can call in the past month's worth of debit/credit slips. Worked on getting the glass shop studio cleaned up for the beginning fused glass class I will be teaching tomorrow. We cleaned off two counters and most of a third. I couldn't believe how nice it looked when I went back over there later!

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy that things are working out for deserve it!!