Monday, April 18, 2011


IOTD, Pink Ice Gemmies, Dichroic Art Glass Wire Wrapped Earrings.

I've had a nice weekend. My fusing class went fairly well I think. Had fun anyway!

Otherwise I had a fairly relaxing weekend. I still have to play plumber with my toilet. It evidently needs to be "snaked" and of course I can't find mine. Either going to ask the plumbers behind me if I can borrow one or I'll have to buy a new one.

I have to admit to something. I am addicted to the game "Minecraft". My boys got me hooked. I love it-except when my laptop overheats causing me to lose my file-grrrr. I like to think of it as that proverbial cardboard box-for adults! You know you give a child a large cardboard box and it becomes the vehicle for their imagination to take off. It could be a race car, rocket or firetruck! Minecraft, to me, is similar. Your imagination is the limit. One can dig, build and explore. I've always wanted to carve out a mountain and make a house, err castle!

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