Sunday, September 18, 2011

Midnight Moon Goddess!

I've finally managed to get this piece listed. Midnight Moon Goddess, Wire Wrapped Purple Dichroic Glass Necklace. I really need to take more pictures of it while playing with different lighting. These pictures don't do any justice to the beauty of this dichroic glass cabochon. This cabochon is actually PURPLE! Not blue. Lots of lovely rich shades of purple from blue-violet to red-violet. Very rich and colorful. Why does it show blue? Because the the camera sees light wavelengths a bit differently than the human eye sees them. To the camera any blue-violet shade of purple is blue.

I am working hard at improving my attitude. This past week has been hard as I've changed my sleeping cycle. Since I started delivering newspapers I've been sleeping in split shifts. Three to five hours before I go to work and then two to four (or more) hours afterwards. I have managed to stay awake after the route for four days now. I am finally starting to get stuff done around here. I am (hopefully) done with my bad attitude. Life adjustments are hard. They take patience and time. Not just on my part but for all those who are around me and have to deal with me!

I have acquired home and auto insurance. I am still waiting to find out about the glass shop.

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