Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Woman's Perspective, Part One

I have this magnet on my refrigerator and it says "If I worked like a man, they'd call me a lazy b*tch" This is the way my life seems to go. For better or worse this is the way things still work even in today's world. Women are the laborers that keep everything going. We are the pack animals of the world.

As women we are expected to work from the time we crawl out of bed until the time we crawl back into it. We get up, make coffee, breakfast, school lunches and clean before going to work. We hold down jobs outside of the home like men do. But when we get done with the day job it's time to come home and work some more. Cooking dinner, doing the dishes, laundry, housework and yard work. This includes taking care of the kids, helping them with their homework and such. A woman's "duty" is to make her man's life as easy, lazy and comfy as possible. This has gone on for centuries.

Part of this goes back to our hunter-gatherer days when the man was out getting the meat and protecting the tribe. With the rise of Christianity our fate was sealed. I'm not blaming Christianity-just the women hater that rose to become a high ranking individual in the church with a lot of power and influence around the First Crusades. Courtesy of him women became second class citizens and more or less slaves to the men in their lives. He did a lot of damage to the way women were viewed and treated. Much of which we are still fighting against to this day.

For us women there are no excuses for not keeping our homes, yards, kids and life in order-no matter what. When we are sick we are expected to keep on going like normal. We don't get to lay in bed whining, expecting to be waited on. Oh, no we have get up and keep on going. And if we don't then out come the guilt gremlins. We are left feeling guilty from many sources, the men in our lives, other women and our own conscience. Not to mention we are held responsible for "keeping" our men in line. Sound familiar anyone?

Most of men I know get up, put in their day at their job and then they are DONE. They do not do housework, they will do a minimal amount of yard work such as fencing and sprinkler repair. They will watch their kids if the little woman is working, BUT generally they aren't real happy about it.

Now I know that not all women's lives are like this nor do all men have this attitude. I also know many couples are very happy and content with the traditional role. Unfortunately the majority of the men I know ARE like this. I come from a place where there is no respect for all my work, only criticism about what hasn't been done. And yes it's getting on my nerves.

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Dawn Baca said...

It is also our responsibility to keep our "sisters" uplifted~ You are a wonderful and hard working woman that I am PROUD to say that I love and care deeply about. You are doing a great job...don't accept the negative~