Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kitchen Update

Slowly but surely I am getting there on my kitchen.  I can't believe how long it's taking me.   This is a project that ten years ago I would had whipped out in a week.  Of course  I would of spent eight or more hours a day on it until it was done.  These days I only get to work on it for two or three hours a day.  

As you can see it is looking very good.  TSP has become my new favorite cleaning solution.  I used it to clean the decorative plates, cookie jars, dessert tin and much more.  It cleans them quickly without stripping or damaging the surface.  I even used it on decorative cooking spoons that have small oil paintings on the bowl safely!

The first picture shows the difference in between the cleaned and still dirty cupboard.  I can't believe how filthy they were.  I'm embarrassed to admit I never looked that closely at them so I never realized how bad they were.  Needless to say I am changing my cleaning ways.  I will be learning to wipe them thoroughly at least weekly, preferably daily.  

The green paint looks very nice.  All clean and fresh.  Not to mention that nice crisp, white clean ceiling!  Interesting tidbit about that shade of green.  While cleaning out the bottom cupboards I noticed the color the walls were painted at one time.  It is almost the same shade of green!  LOL!  

Another interesting fact:  The bottom cupboards that were the originals when my folks bought the place are not as old as I thought.  The doors are hollow core.  I think they are pine.  Somehow I don't believe they made hollow core cabinet doors back in the 1920's.

At this point I believe all the built-in's and cabinetry in this home were installed long after the home was built.  They were built in the Arts & Crafts style to go with the home.  

First of all the built-in's in the master bedroom are gorgeous and probably out of pine.  BUT that bedroom was added onto the back of the original structure along with another bedroom and the laundry/utility room.  The original bedroom would of been what is now my computer room.  

Secondly the fact that the wood used in the kitchen cupboards matches that of the master bedroom built-in's and the built in bookcase under the stairwell that's been blocked off.  And like I said hollow core cabinet doors...

Next I have to paint the inside of those cupboards.  I'm leaving that back wall alone for now.  After painting I'm going to put down shelf liner.  I may do a test strip as this is the rubbery stuff not contact paper.  This means everything must be set down or picked up-No dragging or sliding allowed.

After all this I still have one upper cabinet to clean, the other bottom cupboards and the freestanding cabinet.  I'm hoping by reducing the stuff I have I can eliminate the freestanding cabinet.  This will allow me to slide the fridge over a foot leaving me more room in the kitchen and a place to tuck the garbage can.  

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