Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm here!

I have manged to find my way here. As at this point in time I find a lot of computer stuff confusing. As I don't always understand the lingo, or what they "want", I tend to make a huge mess out of the simplest things!
So in about a two weeks I'm "borrowing" a good friend's son & husband to help me set up gadgets, "share", widgets, etc; and to hopefully help me put it all together for managability!
I'm on Facebook, MySpace, Ning, ArtFire,Plumdrop, Etsy,.... I'm hoping for a way to link one blog to all! I did finally learn how to copy and paste again!
This is just one part of my business goals for the New Year-learning how utilize the web to "advertise" my business.

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