Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Well as I've allowed myself to look back on the past year I feel it is time to look to the upcoming New Year, 2009. I pray that this year will be my best year yet!
I have only one real resolution. The rest are goals to upgrade my life! My resolution is to quit drinking my beloved Pepsi. As I love it so much it is pretty much all I drink. I know that this isn't healthy and it's past time to give up this habit. I need more water in my life and less sugar and calories. I want my energy and my figure back!
Needless to say I don't drink coffee or tea, or diet drinks. They all taste very nasty to me. Tea tastes like dry, musty leaves. The only tea I've liked was made with fresh peppermint. Coffee is extremely bitter, but I LOVE the smell of it! As for the diet drinks I can taste the artificial sweetners in them and they leave a nasty taste in my mouth!
I have many goals in mind to help make my life better and easier. Both for my personal life and my business.
I need to lose weight, drink more water and eat less fat and sugar and get my teeth fixed.
I'm going on a fianancial diet as well for both my business and personal. I plan to better promote my business online, offline and locally.
To start keeping those business books like I need to!
I hope to learn how to write a business plan.
Basically I plan to start taking my business seriously. I recently realized that although I am making and selling stuff, the rest of my business "plan" was just a blur of thoughts in my brain.
I have many exciting ideas for creating this year as well! New color designs, new techniques and a lot more fun!

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