Friday, January 2, 2009

Yesterday I started learning the techniques of wire weaving. I made a fun setting in purple wire for a white dichroic glass cabochon that had purple and blue fire. I think it would of been quite lovely, unfortunately I didn't have enough wire left over to make a nice looking bail. But, hey that's what an exprimental piece is all about-learning!
I made my first sale of 2009 today on Etsy. The printer was out of ink so I took the "old" set out to be reifilled. One was all dried up and the other one, the color one didn'y fill properly! So I had to go back home and take the set out of the printer! Yes they did work and I finally could go home and print the shipping label. Since I was there I also bought adhesive shipping labels.
Printing that label was fun. All I had to do to address the package was to peel off the label and put it on!

Yesterday's wind storm took out the main trunk of our birch tree. Luckily it fell in the parking lot and not in the street and we are across the street from a tree trimming service! All we had to do was chain it up and drag it across the street.

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