Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here is another one of my newly listed necklaces!
I love the rich royal blues and purples in this piece.

I had posted previously about trying to get a hold of my local wire supplier. I was a bit taken aback when a friend commented that I'm overpaying for wire. After checking out her favorite supplier, Monsterslayer and Rio Grande I have to admit she is right.

I ended up ordering from Rio Grande. Their sterling silver wire was about two dollars more than Monsterslayer, but Monsterslayer didn't have 28 gauge gold filled wire. Rio Grande does. Including shipping and handling it is costing me for both Argentium Sterling Silver and 14k gold filled, 28 gauge dead soft wire as much as the gold filled would of from my local guy. Unfortunately my local guy is either out of town, on vacation or possibly out of business due to the economy as he has always been reliable in the past unlike the last three weeks of no replies to multiple phone messages and e-mails. I like to be loyal, but sometimes it is just not reasonable to do so.

I did order some other things from Monsterslayer though. I needed dopping wax, a measly two feet of 26 gauge dead soft wire and some chain.

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