Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I've been trying to try out some new wire work techniques the past couple of days and was disappointed yesterday. I tried to learn a netted cabochon technique. The tutorial calls for 28 gauge, dead soft wire. As my favorite local bead store only carries it in half hard, sterling and gold filled I decided to try it. Needless to say it didn't work when it came to the netting part. I was disappointed that I couldn't finish the project. The good news is that the half hard works well on the frame.

I hate to have to purchase a full ounce of each, my price $80-$100 (for both). But I will now. I've been putting it off since late September/early October. And the "boss" man said I can. I feel fortunate that there is a couple locally who sell precious metal wire, chain, beads, findings and gemstones. They normally sell at shows and online. They have been great to me. As they live close by it is usually fairly easy to get what I need. Have been unable to get a hold of them but they could be on their way to a show, at a show, or maybe just taking a well deserved break now that the "off" season is here.

I decided to try the netting technique with copper wire. Thankfully I was smart enough to purchase some 28 gauge on my last trip to Azillion beads. It was a fun project. Used a tutorial that I found on Jewelry by Eni Oken. I used a dark, "true" blue round cabochon that contrasted nicely with the copper. Once I got the hang of it I had a lot of fun. I'm lucky to be good with my hands and before electricity and sewing machine I would of been a great seamstress. So I found this technique fairly simple and easy to do. I think it turned out very nicely. Even my son who could care less about my jewelry thought it was cool! I will post some pictures of it tomorrow! I'm happy to have added this technique to my "collection" and look forward to using it more.

As for the Pepsi I've only had two total since I started trying to quit drinking it. I made 60-72hrs this time before the caffeine withdrawal headache kicked in.

I also finally finished fusing the rest of the little cabochons I've been putting off! Tomorrow I have to wash, sort and count them all up so I can figure out accurately how much time I have into them so far.

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