Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Amber Rose" A dichroic glass cabochon in a gold filled, wire wrapped setting. Strung with fuchsia and amber crystals, delica seed beads, gold tone beads, gold filled spacer beads and clasp.

This is a picture of the necklace I'm going to go list after I'm done blogging.

I have to admit that I really hadn't planned on blogging tonight as I'm coming down with a cold so I'm tired and rapidly becoming miserable. As I haven't had one yet this fall/winter season I've been lucky. But as today marks a historic occasion I felt I should say something.

America has come a long way. Today we saw the first African American sworn in as the president of our nation. Something that has been a long time coming. I'm glad to have seen it in my lifetime. Maybe I'll even get to see a woman sworn into office in my lifetime too. The odds are a lot closer. So not only does today mark an historic landmark in our nation's history so to does it bring hope to our nation. Our economy is rotten and health care is but a dream for many more than most would believe and the war continues.

It is time to end the war and bring our soldiers home yet leave behind a stable nation that will be able to follow the dream of democracy too. A time for reform of our health care system as well as financial reform. Will things get worse before they get better? Probably. We as a nation will have to hang in there and survive with the grit and determination that has founded this nation and helped us survive many other tough times. Will things get better? I truly believe that they will but it will take time.

My political views? All I will say is that they are rather jaded. I have seen to much bs in my lifetime already. I didn't watch the actual inauguration, but I did read his address. Very well done.

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