Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here is that picture I promised of the project I did last night.

What trips me up the most with computers is that things are set up assuming everyone know a certain amount about how to use and understand them. My school computer learning went something like this back in junior high (middle) school in 1981/82"This is the monitor, the on/off switch is located here on the back of the monitor. This is the drive and this slot is where you insert the (large) floppy disc. Understand, questions? Everyone will line up single file take their turn, turning it on and loading the floppy disc, remove the floopy disc and turn off the computer"

Now I openly admit that I am severely math challenged. Algebra was extremely confusing and intimidating, needless to say I failed it quite spectacularly My high school only offered one computer class, "computer programming". One had to pass algebra to get into it. I only knew one person who owned a computer when I was in high school. He was really into them and of course Dungeons & Dragons! Computers
didn't start being affordable until about the early 90's. I bought a laptop last Febuary with some of my tax return money. I honestly would of never considered it until my daughter got ill. When one has to live "secluded" in a motel for weeks at a time with limited TV a laptop becomes a necessity! It gave us a way to keep in touch with our family hundreds of miles away, entertainment and education. I'm really glad I did. I can't imagine life without it now!

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