Saturday, January 21, 2012

My "Style" Very Art Noveau-ish!

This amazing and lovely pendant is one of many stunning pieces produced by Rene Lalique. It is a Art Noveau piece of a winter wonderland with snow covered coniferous trees. (I have yet to find the actual name of this one.) I love this piece and it is one of my favorites of Lalique's work. If I could ever own one of his pieces this one would be it! This image is courtesy of a Sqidoo article.

Art Noveau originates partly from the Arts & Crafts style. The original idea of the Arts & Crafts movement was to bring quality, handcrafted, beautiful items to the general public at affordable prices. The use of natural, lower cost materials were embraced. Preferred metals were silver or copper. The use of semi-precious stones, horn, bone, glass and enamel work became popular.

Arabesque, floral or animal figures and the feminine form were typical of this period. Graceful, flowing sensual lines, new and different shapes, elegant floral motifs with beautiful colors characterize this era. Of course we can't mention this era w/out mentioning how enameling techniques were refined and especially plique' a jour which created some of the most beautiful jewelry. Plique a jour was an enameling technique where after the enamel was fired an acid bath was used to remove the metal backing allowing light to shine through the enamel. (Still reminds me of stained glass.)

I feel I have found where I "fit" You will definitely see the influence of the Art Noveau period along with a touch of Arts & Crafts and Art Deco in my work. Art Noveau definitely fits in with "my" new style and with where I want to go with it. The ethics of that period also fit with what I'm doing. I'm using glass, semi-precious stones and will be using a lot more copper, bronze and silver. (Gold is up to $60.00+ per ounce for my wire!) I have always been fascinated with sensuous, flowing, elegant lines that are so predominate in Art Noveau jewelry.

To better understand this post just Google "Art Noveau Jewelry, images" and I think you'll see what I mean!

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