Monday, January 2, 2012

Schedule Revelation

I was reading and working on some of the questions posed in the book I was talking about yesterday and stumbled over this block of negative thinking.

For a long time now I have looked at schedules (and more) as being rigid, inflexible, too structured, too restricting and too confining. I'm not sure when I started feeling like this or what even started it.

I thought/decided maybe I needed a different point of view and so I asked myself what happens if I "flip" that thought around? Then I had my revelation. I realized that having a good schedule could actually be very FREEING! Freedom from guilt, stress, shame, fear, worry, panic, doubt... A good schedule would bring security and control as well. I also realized if I don't take control over my life I will never have peace of mind or free time to do the things I want to do!

My new personal quotes to help me learn positive thinking!

-"A good schedule is the structure that allows me to take control of my time, days-ultimately my life!"

-"A schedule is the foundation upon which to build one's life."

So now I have a positive outlook on schedules and have done away with some stinkin' thinkin'.


Dori said...

May this year bring what you wish for.

c said...

I applaud your doing away with the stinkin' thinkin'. hugs May 2012 be a huge wonderful year for you!!