Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Learing Experience In The Kiln

Well I learned something new today.  I tried fusing up six links to make a bracelet with.  I used fine silver wire for the jump rings.  Turns out Spectrum's 96 hot colors do NOT go well with silver.  The red, orange and sunflower yellow all reacted to the silver turning black around the fine silver jump rings.

A good friend thinks they looks "cool" and my son John said it looks intentional.  I will be sending the hot colored ones to my dear friend Deb of Crysallis Creations to play with as she already has some great ideas for them.  I think I will turn the three others into simple pendants.

So if I wish to make a bracelet I will have to use fusing wire instead.

So to any and all who work with Spectrum's System 96 beware using silver with the hot colors!  (If you didn't already know)

I am so glad I didn't make any up for dangle earrings.  I thought about making them with silver hooks embedded into the glass. Good thing I didn't!

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Jamie said...

I think they look cool too. Can't wait to see what Deb creates!!