Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday, "Shiny Brite" Dichroic Fused Glass Bracelet Links

WIP Wednesday, "Shiny Brite" Dichroic Fused Glass Bracelet Links.  I've been busy actually working on jewelry!  I've been going through some of my back stock, and other miscellaneous bits and pieces of dichroic glass.  I decided to make some new dichroic fused glass link bracelets.   I remembered I had a bunch of "Shiny Brite"  style dichroic fused glass links left over from the last batch I had made several years ago.  I used several dichroic colors that once fused appeared very close to each other.  Somehow I had also not made up a fifth color-there was only a few blue links.  After making up about four bracelets I put the rest aside for another day of fusing.  Today was that day!  The first picture is an example of one of my "Shiny Brite" bracelets.  I call them this because they remind me of vintage  Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments.  The second and third picture shows a kiln shelf of links where the glue is drying before I can put them in the kiln.  In the morning I will have a bunch of links ready for the tumbler, excluding the ones that I've used fusing wire in.   As these were made up to match older links I have also matched the jumprings used in them.