Saturday, August 18, 2012

Little Post Earrings Are Coming Back In My Stores!

I have started listing my small dichroic fused glass post earrings into my Etsy and my Artfire stores.  I have decided to bring them back for the upcoming holidays for several reasons.  One is the ever shrinking wallets courtesy of this lousy economic climate.  The second is that they are my best selling item.  Third I need to start making a bit more money.  

I have also re-set the price at eight dollars a pair.  Before I was selling them for ten dollars a pair online.  My older stock are in sterling silver and the newer ones have titanium with surgical stainless steel backs.  

I am using my older pictures at this time.  As the days grow a longer and I have more time in the mornings before it gets light I will start taking pictures of the colors I never managed to get around to-I actually carry my little 8mm dichroic fused glass post earrings in 40 different colors!

Then it's onto all the new posts earrings I finished making up and carding yesterday, the new bracelets I'm working on then the older post listings.   

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