Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cabochon Storage

Firstly I want to make a quick apology for not blogging for the last few days.

I am now doing two shows a week as Munch N' Music has started. It's an evening show on Thursdays. So if I haven't posted on Thursday you'll know why. Friday I found not one, but two books in series I've been reading from two of my favorite authors. So of course I had to start reading them. And stayed up waaay to late reading!
Saturday night after Saturday Market I joined a friend to walk through Bend's Summerfest. Being totally exhausted by this time I came home and went straight to bed.

Today I wanted to share how I store my finished dichroic fused glass cabochons. I store my little cabs in the translucent divided tackle boxes to the right. They are sorted by color and the channeled ones are kept separately from the rest of them.

All of the rest of my cabs are stored on Velcro jewelry display boards that I purchased from JPB Jewelry Box Company. They have quite a selection and good prices. The drawback is one must make a minimum purchase of sixty five dollars.

I use craft Velcro that is transparent and thinner than that used in sewing and it also sticks way better than the other. I only use the hook pieces and I cut the circles in half, quarters and even into six pieces depending upon the size of the cab. This keep the cabs from rattling around together as I go places which prevents damage such as scratches and chipping. Being so nicely displayed is a bonus. No digging to find a cab or having to dump them all out to show or decide which to play with next! These padded boards are standard size so they fit nicely into the display box/tray with a removable snap-on cover. I also display them at shows as I can usually do a "basic" wrap in twenty to thirty minutes depending upon interruptions.