Monday, July 6, 2009

The InfamousToolbox, Part I

I wanted to share my toolbox with everyone. I call it the Infamous Toolbox because fully loaded it weighs over 25lbs. I'll try to weigh it on the larger scales tomorrow. It's fun to get an unsuspecting male to pick it up and watch their eyes widen in surprise as they grunt at the unexpected weight!

I decided to start with this picture of the empty toolbox with the contents all laid out. Who can blame me with that cute little helper!

This awesome toolbox I found at my local Ace hardware store. It has lots of pockets and loops inside and out for storing all my tools and more in it. It is approximately 18 inches long and 14 inches wide with the pockets fully loaded and 14 inches tall. It also has a comfortable grip handle and an adjustable strap with a nice shoulder pad. As you can see from all the outside angles there is lots of places to tuck stuff away!

There is five inside pockets and eight outside pockets on the first side.

The other side has seven inside pockets and six outside.

The first end has one large pocket and four little pockets. The other end has a zippered mesh pocket.

Tomorrow I'll start with the contents!

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