Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paulina Lake

I did a show in Prineville for the Fourth of July. Last year I did real well there. This year I paid the booth space and that is about all. We did support the local search & rescue and the local Habit for Humanity by purchasing raffle tickets. Had fun taking the dogs to the creek and cooling off. It was a very hot day, upper 90's (Fahrenheit). We visited with my Aunt, admired her vegetable garden and went over to admire the new house they are building onto the old garage of her "old" property. Afterwards we drove home, unloaded the truck and ate. We prepped/made our holiday meal ahead of time so all we had to do is throw the pre-cooked pork ribs on the barbecue and eat. Then it was time to set off some fireworks before the city's big fireworks display.

Today we went to Paulina Lake and met with my brother and sister-in-law, their kids and her little brother's family. The guys and older boys fished while us girls visited and watched the kids play. I had more pictures to share, but they keep disappearing.

This week I have decided to blog about my "Infamous Toolbox"! So be sure to stay "tuned" as I share what it looks like fully loaded, my favorite tools and all the supplies I stuff into it!

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