Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wire Organizer

Here is how I organize my wire! I use a 12 pocket organizer. I keep all the wire in ziploc type baggies with absorbent crystal packets to slow/eliminate tarnish. They are all individually labeled with the gauge and hardness on them.

I keep my half-round, wrapping wire in the first pocket. Then about half of the pockets are dedicated to my square wire according to gauge. I keep both the half hard and the dead soft that are the same gauge in the same pockets.

The other half are dedicated to my round wire, again they are divided by gage with both the half hard and dead soft together by gauge.

In the second picture you will notice the wire is spooled. This is my 28 gauge, dead soft round wire. They are just a little too big to go into my wire keeper so I've left them on the spool. I think I will continue to get this fine wire spooled as I think it is to fine and soft to use coiled. Have you used this coiled? If so I would love to know how it worked out or if it became a tangled mess.


Cat said...

When I started wire crochet, I only bought small lengths of wire that came coiled. Although being very careful, it became a mess and the wire got kinks. Better leave fine gauge wire on the spool. Just my experience :-)

Anonymous said...

Envy of your organization. One of these days I'll have the guts to share my workbench. :)

DebiDeaux said...

I absolutely love your organization. Unfortunately if I were that organized nothing would get done cuz I wouldn't wanna get anything out of place.

2 Good Claymates said...

This was a great help on how to organize my wire. I'm just starting to get into more of the different types and guages now and this seems like a great way to organize them. Thanks for sharing!