Monday, January 18, 2010

Laying Stone & More Doodling!

With the help of my boys we laid some stone in the front yard to make a path from the gate to the grass. I've always thought it would look nice, but Mother Necessity made sure it happened. Miss Lacy's playmate, Suzie Q (my aunt's puppy) is quite the digger and has been digging this area up along with the rhodies on the other side of the yard. I'm fairly certain that Miss Lacy has been helping her. I hope to slow down the digging AND the mud puddles for them to roll in!

I have been working on some more dichroic doodles as I mentioned. I thought I would share what I have doodled so far. I have five pairs of earrings and seven pendants. I would like to do more but I think it is time to etch these so I can fuse them and see how they turn out. So tomorrow's project will be getting these ready and getting them into the kiln. I'm also very eager to see how they turn out after the first firing.

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